Once a mama’s boy, always a mama’s boy…. and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Boys who grow up loving and honoring their moms, grow up to be strong men.

While these rappers might present like their hard and tough, it doesn’t stop them from showing their soft spot when it comes to the woman who raised them.

Here’s a collection of the sweetest moments captured between rappers and their mama bears.


Before Beyonce was the woman in his life, Jay Z had only one woman on a pedestal. His mom. Did you know the song “You Must Love Me” is about her? It’s an apology for all the times he messed up, but also a tribute to the woman who made him.


Kanye West was very close with his mother, who sadly died a few years ago while undergoing cosmetic surgery. In the wake of her passing, he’s released a couple songs dedicated to her.


Everyone knows that Eminem and his mother have had a rough relationship. She was sometimes absent, and he admits to being difficult. As a father to two daughters now, Eminem claims to have apologized, and said he better understands her now.



Toronto’s own Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, has said that after his parents divorce he “had to become a man very quickly and be the backbone for a woman who I love with all my heart”. The two are pretty adorable, and often attend red carpet events together.


The late Tupac Shakur was very close with his mother, Afeni. She passed away on May 2nd, 2016, but during her life she was known for her business music acumen, being a political activist and a Black Panther.