Yesterday evening Gully Bop made a triumphant return to Jamaica, after a successful three week tour of the United Kingdom. Among the many people waiting for the airport waiting for him was his girlfriend/manager Shauna Chin.

Gully Bop Greeting Shauna With A Kiss





Gully Bop and his son Niko

Shauna Chin and Heavy D
Gully Bop And His Brother




Over the past few weeks it was rumored that Gully Bop had found new love, but according to Gully Bop that was not the case.

Mi just did a try fi oblige the fans. A dem mek mi suh, mi affi tek two pictures wid dem and gi dem a hug, suh dem can know seh Gully Bop appreciate dem. Everybody dun know seh my heart belong to Shauna Chin already, cause she pick mi up when nobody neva want mi.

Gully Bop was accompanied by Road Manager/ Booking Agent Heavy D and MC Nuffy.

According to Heavy D he is quite pleased with the results of the Uk shows and he can’t wait to embark upon the other tours he has scheduled for the rest of the year.