Director of Elections, Orrette Fisher says the Electoral Office of Jamaica has not completed its official count of ballots in the 2016 General Elections. 

Speaking at a press conference a short while ago, Fisher said up to 8:30 this morning, the EOJ had completed the count of 62 of the 63 constituencies.

The Elections Director says 31 seats have been declared for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and 31 seats for the People’s National Party (PNP).

He says ballots are still being counted for the constituency of West St Thomas.

Up to this morning 55 of the 156 ballot boxes had been counted.

The count for that constituency has been moved from St Thomas to the EOJ’s Duke Street Offices.

According to Fisher, the count was moved to Kingston as tension was building up in the constituency and it was affecting the concentration of the staff.

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