Dancehall’s most talked about couple Gully Bop and his manager/fianceé Shauna Chin are making rounds online again.

This time after new ink was spotted on Chin’s arm after a new photo was uploaded by the “Wuk affa Mi” singer

” Mi an mi wife @gullychin_bopdem a live life,more life an love we seh…. Awah do dem…. #twiceharage love har bad cause she mek me feel the same of har age…… #baseonpeopleyoufollow #liveyoulife” – The photo caption.

Chin can be seen taking the selfie of the two in a sleeveless blouse showing her right arm – which displays the name “Robert” tattooed with some dollar signs.

For fans wondering who’s “Robert” well that’s Gully Bop’s given name, Robert Lee Malcolm.