#1 Jay z

In his “On to the Next One” video, Hova incorporates a goat skull and employs symbols of Freemasonry.

#2 Adele

Adele was reportedly recruited by the Illuminati early in her career and often uses one-eye symbolism.

#3 Alicia Keys

The occult Illuminati symbolism Alicia Keys supposedly uses includes the All-Seeing Eye and Satan Horns.

 #5 Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s “New Flame” video features a burning triangle, among other occult symbols.

#6 Beyonce

Beyoncé’s rumored affiliation with the Illuminati is so prevalent it has been parodied by Reductress.

#7 Barack Obama

Not only is President Obama rumored to be in the Illuminati, he is supposedly the Antichrist.

#8 Celine Dion

In concert, Céline Dion often throws up the Devil’s Horns hand gesture — a nod to the devil, supposedly.

#9 Will Smith

Will Smith isn’t the only Illuminati member in his household — theorists claim the whole fam is.

#10 Fetty Wap

In the most bizarre theory yet, Illuminati theorists claim Fetty Wap traded his eye to the Illuminati for fame.




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