Reports are coming in that a young girl of the parish St. Catherine was raped and killed by unknown persons at this time.

Friends of the victim told us that they saw when she was heading home and one of her friends shouted to her “Hurry and guh home gyal, ma text yuh sumn when yuh reach” which was the last time they said they saw her.

A resident of the neighboring community where her body was found said they saw an unmarked car pulled up with a group of men which seemed to be carrying a passed out female on one of the men shoulders into the surrounding bushes and then a minute later rushed out and drove off in an hurry.

The witness then called the Spanish Town Police station informing them what he had saw and asking them to come look what had happened. Later the cops showed up and found the young school dead with her clothes teared and panties missing.

Paparazzi Jamaica will keep you informed on the identity of the young female as soon as it’s released.


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