This is just icky. The 14-year-old girl Tyga, 26, was accused of texting and flirting with is speaking out on Jan. 4 with her lawyer to set the record straight about what went down with the pair, and it doesn’t make Tyga look good AT ALL. Check out the video of distressed singer Molly O’Malia’s tearful explanation, below.

 14-year-old Molly’s explanation of what went down with texting Tyga is actually super creepy. The teenager teamed up with notorious celeb lawyer Gloria Allred to set the record straight in a press conference recorded by TMZ after she began receiving threats from Kyga fans accusing her of trying tobreak them up. But according to her, it was Tyga that DM’d her on Instagram first, and she only carried on a brief convo because she thought he was interested in her music, poor girl.

She says she became wary of Tyga after he asked her to FaceTime, and stopped responding to him altogether after his third request to video chat with her. He never mentioned her music. The poor girl seems extremely upset as she describes how Ok! Magazine’s first report about her didn’t hide her identity well, made her seem like an instigator, and didn’t contact she or her mother for their side of the story.

Molly made the difficult choice to explain herself, sobbing while Gloria consoled her throughout. She says she’s decided to share her point of view now because she doesn’t “want what happened to me, to happen to any other young girls.” She also made a point of saying that she had nothing to do with leaking the convo to OK. We feel so bad that she’s dealing with all of this drama, she’s just a kid!


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