A photo of a young teenager’s before and after pictures of her alleged brutal attack from her boyfriend has been surfacing all over the net.

According to social media, Kanya Woodard, 15 was allegedly beaten up by her much older boyfriend who is 28.

That man that supposedly did this to her is a rapper from Chicago and memes that are going around are claiming that he told her he was only 19 years old. In the caption, Woodard allegedly moved in with dude and soon after he almost tried to kill her.

The viral photos have sparked a lot of controversial opinions from people. Some are more concerned with her well-being than others, some are wondering why police are not involved, while some are claiming her parents were at fault for letting a 15-year-old date a much older man, and that Kylie Jenner is to blame.

Either way, we hope that this girl gets justice and never ends up in such a predicament again.


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