A 17-year-old kid in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will confront serious assault charges.

Reports say the 17-year-old was found performing sex follows up on a three-year-old kid.

Byron Overton was accounted for to have entered the kid’s room on September 8. Reports additionally say that the tyke told police that Overton put his genitalia into the youngster orally.

Purportedly, right now, an additional 12-year-old female strolled into the room seeing what was explaining so as to go on and Overton professedly reacted that the three-year-old would not recall this.

Current reports additionally say that the Baton Rouge police had the capacity get a recorded admission out of Overton where he likewise authenticated that a rape occurred. Overton is being hung on an a large portion of million dollars bond.

He will confront first degree assault charges.


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