A 17 year old student of Yallahs High School in St. Thomas was hospitalised after she was abducted at knife point near the institution on Friday.

It’s reported that, sometime after 1 p.m., the student was returning from a Work Experience assignment when a robot taxi driver who had just dropped off a passenger drove up to her and forced her into his vehicle.

He reportedly sped away and took her to Albion where he attempted to rape her.

A struggle ensued and the student was stabbed on the hand.

She jumped from the vehicle and ran to a nearby house where she was assisted to the Yallahs Police Station.

The student later fainted.

She was taken to the hospital and was released on Saturday.

The police told RJR News that a woman was raped the following day by a man who fits the description of the driver who abducted the student.

The mother of the student told RJR News that her daughter is traumatised following the incident.


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