However, the analogy no longer seems to be true, as Opposition Spokesman on Finance Audley Shaw told a political rally in Mountain View last night that the average Jamaican could no longer afford a patty.

Is the patty now a prestigious treat?

Today Loop News is sharing with you 21 facts about a traditional Jamaican favourite, that you probably didn’t know.

Did you know that?

1. Approximately 300,000 patties are baked daily in Jamaica.

2. One patty has approximately 336 calories, 15 grams of fat and 432 milligrams of sodium.

3. Most of a patty’s calories are in its crust.

4. The patty came about as a result of slavery and colonialism. According to historians, the Jamaican Patty is a unique blend of British and African culture. Historians believe that the pastry is derived from a traditional variety of pastry which is particularly associated with Cornwall, UK. However during servitude enslaved Africans added the Jamaican twist to the pastry, adding cayenne pepper as well as other seasonings.

5. As Jamaicans migrated and settled they brought the patty recipe with them, popularizing the pastry.

6. Patties are popular worldwide; they are popular in the US, Canada, UK, The Philippines and are growing in popularity in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi in particular.

7. There is an article published which explains how to eat a Jamaican Patty. The article was published in The Village Voice.

8. Jamaican patties need a permit to be imported to Barbados. In 2014, Barbados warned that importers of patties from Jamaica must obtain a permit.

9. In Toronto’s west end community popularly called “Little Jamaica”, Randy’s has been serving traditional Jamaican patties since 1978.

10. In Jamaica the two largest patty companies Juici Patties and Tastee Patties were established in the 1960’s. Jamaicans debate constantly about which taste better.

11. Patties in 2012 were subject to General Consumption Tax in Jamaica. The move to tax the popular treat had Jamaicans “hopping mad”.

12. Patties are popularly paired with coco-bread, as Jamaican believe the bread helps to enhance the flavour of the patty

13. The first annual Jamaican patty eating contest was held in Brooklyn as a part of the Labour Day celebrations.

14. Randy’s Patty in Toronto has held the number one spot for several years as having the best beef patties in the city.

16. Rhea Parsons shared a recipe for Vegan and Gluten-Free patty earlier this year. Parsons’ recipe was shared 2.7K times on social media.

17. Jamaica Blue café in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island sells patties, they are one of the most popular items on the menu.

18. In the Bronx, New York there is a “National Jamaican Patty Day” in August

19. “Jamaican Patty Day” in Canada came about as a result of a conflict in 1985 as Patty sellers in Toronto were informed they failed to conform to the Canadian federal Meat Inspection Act’s definition of a “beef patty”.

20. In 2012, a Jamaican Patty Company in London was awarded “Small Business of the Year 2012”.

21. In the Rastafarian community they have their own version of the patty, an ital patty, called a Yatti.


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