Below, Dr Alverston Bailey, author of Sexplanations: A guide to discussing Sex & Sexuality in the Caribbean, provides insight into the three erogenous spots that every man should know about.

The C Spot

The C spot or the clitoris is a very sensitive part of the female body. The clitoris contains many nerve endings which react to direct stimulation so much so that an orgasm can result.

The G Spot

Many people have heard of the G spot which is also called the Gräfenberg spot. Essentially this is a group of erectile tissues which can become filled with blood when a woman is sexually excited.

The A Spot

The A spot refers to the anterior fornix. Some refer to the A spot as the second G spot but the A spot is located on the front of the vagina. Think of the A spot as the internal lubricating system. The A spot springs into action once a woman has been stimulated strongly.


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