A gorilla escaped from its enclosure in London Zoo today and was chased for more than 90 minutes by armed keepers and the Metropolitan Police.

Eyewitnesses told MailOnline that they were warned not to look Kumbuka in the eye as it agitates him – minutes before he smashed his way out of his enclosure.

Visitors to the zoo were in lockdown in various sites across the site, including a butterfly enclosure and a cafe as armed keepers scoured the grounds hunting the missing gorilla. The Metropolitan Police joined in the hunt with the Air Support Unit providing air cover and using its heat-seeking camera to find the animal.

One member of the public claimed the animal, thought to be a male silverback, ‘threw himself at the window’ in the enclosure before escaping.

The Met confirmed they got the first call from the Zoo at 5.17pm.  The animal was recaptured shortly before 6.30pm.



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