In case you’re pondering where the bankrupt 50 Cent keeps his cash … look no more distant than his pockets.

We got photographs of 50 facilitating a gathering in Atlantic City a week ago …  a couple of days before he petitioned for Chapter 11 … and it’s difficult to overlook the monster wad tucked inside his (reasonable) extravagant pants.

Yes, that is a cash sandwich of hundos he’s displaying. We’re let it know totaled around $5k and Fifty needed EVERYONE to see it.


The fact of the matter is… Fifty’s gonna be okay monetarily, regardless of owing $5 mil here and $17 mil there. Our sources let us know the late insolvency recording is only a lawful move to redesign his accounts.

Primary concern: 50 Cent still ridiculously rich.

He kept clowning his finances late Monday — first, telling E! his bankruptcy is no biggie, and he’s just like Donald Trump and Walt Disney.

Then, taking this pic with a random Smartcar. Caption: “Times are hard out here LMAO”



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