A Long Island woman completely lost it and fatally stabbed her mother to death while in a heated argument.

56-year-old lawyer Susan Grossman-Kerner, was known to have a history of mental illness and took it to the max when she was arguing with her 79-year-old mother about her illness.

They were discussing Kerner’s ongoing medical condition when she took a knife and attacked her mother, leaving her bleeding from her head and neck.

MINEOLA, NY - August 18, 2015: This is Suzan Grossman - Kerner of 641 Patten Ave Oceanside, being led out of police headquarters to be arraigned on 2nd degree murder charges at First District Court in Hempstead. Yesterday, she called police at approximately 12:48pm saying her mother, Irma Grossman had been assaulted at 2754 Terrell Ave. After investigations, it was determined that she had stabbed her mother with a kitchen knife after an argument about Suzan's medical condition. Irma was pronounced dead at 2:55pm.      (Photo by Victor Alcorn)   PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO VICTORALCORN.COM

A Neighbor of the family said they kind of anticipated something tragic like that to  happen for a long time. Say what?!

A neighbor told the news “they are a very unstable family. There were blood-curdling screams coming from that house in the past. Screaming, yelling, cursing- it was pretty wild.”

Kerner ended up pleading not guilty to murder charges and was held without bail.

Her lawyer made a statement that she suffers from psychiatric problems and is on suicide watch.


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