The New-Kingston based restaurant officially closed on Sunday August 30, after hosting its final “Pasta Night” at a special discounted price, which aimed at clearing out inventory.

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According to Chef Brian Lumley, the business’ closure comes on heels of a decision taken by the partners to dissolve the restaurant.

“The partnership of the business dissolved amicably, as both parties had different visions and were heading in separate directions,” said Lumley.

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Lumley maintains that it is not the end of the road for the restaurant, as he plans to reopen soon, and says, “689 is only temporarily closed.”

However, when asked as to the details of the restaurant’s re-opening, Lumley said, “sometime in the near future”.

Lumley is hopeful that he will reopen his new entity before 2016 but, remains uncertain as to whether the new entity would maintain the same name.

According to Chef Lumley, “689 is a strong brand” and he is making every effort to make the brand stay alive, “it won’t just die”.

“I am currently working on a new concept for a restaurant and possibly a new location,” said Lumley in a telephone interview with Loop News.

When asked about rumours circulating that he had closed due to the high cost of rent, and that some staff was not paid in entirety, Lumley denied such allegations, adding that all staff were paid and most had been re-hired.

“Due to the partnership, there were some things that were out of my control,” added Lumley

As to allegations that the rent soared over one million Jamaican dollars a month, Lumley refused to comment.

689 by Brian Lumley opened in September 2013 to raving reviews, the New York Times even dubbed chef Lumley as the “Jamie Oliver of Jamaica”


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