Eight people have been killed over the past 10 days in West Kingston as gunmen locked in a deadly turf continue their reign of terror.

The onslaught by criminals have left residents in the division on edge.

Police in a bid to clamp down on the attacks say they have stepped up their operations, and have seized at least 16 high-powered guns over the period.

Police sources say some of the weapons seized are more powerful than their own and of those used by members of the Jamaica Defence Force.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis has reported that the feud stems from an ongoing fight for turf in the business district, which is vital to the financial wellbeing of any criminal entity.

“Based on our investigation, the ongoing feud stems primarily… from the continued thirst of gangsters to gain control of turf,” said Watkis during a press briefing at the Office of the Police Commissioner on Old Hope Road in St Andrew.

During the police crackdown, 41 persons have been apprehended for questioning over the last 10 days in relation to the deadly flare-up.

Three of the men held have been identified as individuals who had been on the police most wanted list.

“One of the men, we believe, was a major player in the ongoing feud taking place in St James,” a police source told Loop News.


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