“I ain’t sayin she a gold digger” but she may be with you just for your gold.

Some women actively scope out a particular ‘type’ of guy, with the reason for this, being an exclusively material benefit to be had from the relationship, and it is not just money.

Sometimes it is for the things that money affords them that are somewhat immaterial, like status and class.

Here are eight sure signs that your new girlfriend maybe in love with the perks of your wallet rather than your impeccable character.

Hang on to your wallets gentlemen!

1. All her boyfriends and love interests have been no less than well off. She’s dated a “so and so” – you know, a man that is drawn from the 21 families of Jamaica.

2.She is always immaculate. Her hair, makeup and nails are always well done. That’s not to say it is a crime to dress-up and look well. However, her main focus is on how well she looks. And she never stops for you to catch a glimpse of the real her. She’s not the type to give you a passionate kiss with morning breath and all -not happening.

3. It is true that the game has changed and the statement doesn’t just apply to rap music. She is no longer J-O-B less. She may have a job in your organization, but she is looking to climb the corporate ladder, so she is very keen to want to be in your circle and make an impression. She is hoping to increase her wealth by association.

4. If you have already been married, she is well informed about how much you pay-out to your ex-wife. She has probably tabulated all your expenses, so she knows exactly how much money you can spend on her.

5. Your dates with her are very high profile. Liguanea Club and Uncorked are her favourite spots. She will turn up her nose if you decided to take her out to a lower key, quiet spot. She wouldn’t be caught dead enjoying a patty with you at Juicy Beef or a box lunch from the lovely tasting, yet shabby looking cook-shop down the road.

6. She is not appreciative of small tokens of affection, such as a hand written note, a text, a flower you picked on the way home because you were thinking of her all day long. If she’d much prefer a diamond or Michael Khors scarf, she’s all about your dough.

7. All her friends are with men of money and status; they often brag and boast around each other of where they’ve been and, what they are planning on getting their mates to buy them.

8. Don’t be ashamed, does she look much better than you do? When you look at her do you feel you have arrived? This could be the most telling sign of them all. No offense if you have nothing in common with her in any shape or form, ask this question, what is she hoping to gain from the relationship? If you happen to have a loaded wallet, that may be your answer.


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