Doris Josephs is a feeble old woman who lives in an old, rickety shed-like structure made of old zinc and wood.

It has countless holes, which expose her to the elements.

The 80-year-old woman lives in an area known as Buzzrock in Effortville, Clarendon.

She claims that her standard of living deteriorated overnight because of the actions of her brother, who has since died.

dorisB20160622SS“After mi people dem dead, him tek the title from me and sell out the property,” Josephs told THE STAR.

“I beg a man who I was working with at the time a house spot on this land where I’m now living and he gave me,” she said.

There was much evidence that the old, derelict structure where Josephs said she has now lived for more than 20 years has taken a beating from the weather, but has stood the test of time.


Whenever it rains, she gets wet on the makeshift bed. The linens are dirty, she cooks on the ground, and dogs eat from her utensils.

“The MP and councillor visited me and promised to help me get a decent place to live,” she said.

But according to the golden ager, no aid has been forthcoming.


With mango season now in full swing, Josephs said she feeds on at least 10 mangoes per day as she is unable to afford food.

“Sometimes eyewater run outta mi eye when mi see the place me live inna. Sometimes me fret on it and say if a never me bredda, me wouldn’t live yah so. But see him sell me out and now him dead and gone, and see mi ya.”

“Mi own bredda sell mi out,” Joseph said as she shook her head in disbelief.

Josephs said she is a beneficary of the Programme for the Advancement of Health and Education, which provides her with cash to purchase food. She said, too, that some persons in the community also assist her with money to buy food.

Neighbour Pauline Dunkley said that Josephs is desperately in need of a place to live and medical care.

“When me see the situation of that lady, me heart hurt me,” Dunkley said.

“She nuh live inna nuh situation, she is really in need. I see her passing with mangoes to eat, water come a me eyes,” she added.

Anyone willing to assist can contact her neighbour Pauline Dunkley at 596-1542


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