An 80-year-old grandmother has wowed social media users with her movie star makeover after getting a makeup masterclass by her granddaughter. Tea Flego, gave her Grandma Livia who lives in Pula, Croatia, a glamorous new look by using the popular make-up technique of contouring. 

Grandma Livia, who lives in a nursing home attracted thousands of admirers worldwide after the results were posted to her granddaughter’s 80,000 Instagram followers.


Tea Flego regularly transforms her grandmother with radically different make-up looks and then posts them on Instagram. In the ‘before’ images, Livia can be seen wearing glasses and has noticeable red pigmentation and wrinkles on her skin. But her granddaughter Tea applies bronzer and darker shades of foundation and powder to contour her facial features.

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Tea who affectionately calls her Grandma ‘GLAM-MA’ posted on Instagram that her grandmother has a message about beauty: ‘There are no ugly women, only lazy ones…’


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