Is the bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton taking a backseat to a real romance?

Adam Levine, 36, is officially riding solo when it comes to filming new episodes of The Voice. Unfortunately, the Maroon 5 frontman’s best friend, Blake Shelton, 39, is a little too distracted by his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, 46, to hang out now.

Has Adam been ditched and dismissed by Blake on The Voice? According to eyewitness at the Monday night, Dec. 7 live show, Blake was only interested in all things Gwen. Yikes, sorry Adam!

“Blake kissed her top of the head again and talked to her the whole break and Adam rushed over like a kid who lost his favorite toy,” a witness said “Adam is the pathetic third wheel wanting Blake to look at him, but all of his attention is devoted to Gwen.”

Hmm, it sounds like there are only two ways to solve this problem, Adam. For starters, maybe wifey Behati Prinsloo needs to start coming to The Voice to keep you company! And secondly, speaking of Behati, it might be time to book an exciting double date with Blake and Gwen. There’s nothing quite like bonding with your bestie AND his girl to bring the bromance back to life!

However, Adam shouldn’t worry too much about Blake’s loyalty. He and Gwen are still in the exciting beginning stages of their romance, which means eventually the “honeymoon” phase will end and their relationship will level out. Hopefully for Adam that means Blake will slowly find his wait back to his friend!


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