Dancehall artiste Alkaline performing live in Jamaica this year for his Vendetta fans is slowly becoming a reality.

According to sources, Alkaline recently wrapped up a deal with Joe Bogdanovich and the Reggae Sumfest team and he’ll be performing at the 2017 staging in Montego Bay, Jamaica this July.

Paparazzija sources also quickly pointed out that the deal was long before Alkaline’s online feud with the ‘King of Dancehall’ Beenie Man earlier this week.

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The news comes days after sources close to the Vendetta camp, told The Tropixs that the ‘Badness It Name’ deejay’s team was in talks with several event organizers which included promoters for some of Jamaica’s biggest events, seems Reggae Sumfest was one of those events.

According to sources, more events will be announced in the coming months as Alkaline is reportedly willing to perform in the country once all the necessary contractual arrangements are met. The Vendetta deejay demands a hefty fee, top security, food and the best in accommodation for himself and his team.


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