Alkaline announced his new music video titled ‘Champion Boy’ which has been running the airwaves for months now and also JLP leader, newly announced Prime Minister of Jamaica used the hit track as one of his main song during his campaign but the fans are not pleased with the final product of the music video.

Alkaline released the video on Youtube yesterday then shared it on his social media fan page for the world to watch, but it was a disappointment. In comparison to every other video he did this ‘Champion Boy’ is the worst.

Alkaline teased his fans by showing a preview of who will be featured in the video with him such as Mavado, Tifa and many more which made people even more impatient for the video to be released.

Fans left some outrageous comments under the video:

“alkaline put in back the contact lens plz and do over the video”
“It could be more steady all now me can’t see mavado chimney Jordan frass or sunshine face camera a move too fast”

“the song bigger than the video…”

As you can see the fans were really upset, let us know what you think of the video and leave comments below:


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