The rail-thin Alkaline can be heard displaying his high-end, nasally voice on recent popular cuts like “ATM,” “Nice Suh (Freaky Gal)” and “More Than Happy.” This year his hit “Fleek” has been one of the most popular tunes in dancehall. However, the young deejay may be most known at this point for supposedly tattooing his eyeballs black and bleaching his skin to white.


To be Dancehall’s next major superstar, Alkaline will have to rely on more than his bizarre but intriguing persona.

Besides, his sudden fame in Jamaica perhaps signals a shift in Dancehall that requires attention. Despite being only 21, Alkaline has reportedly been recording music for almost half a decade now.

Yet it in the past few years there has been a considerable rise in his fame both in Jamaica and beyond with tunes like “Gyal Bruk Out,” “Things Mi Love,” “Move Mountains,” How It Feel and his newly-released collaboration with Sean Kingston on “Ride On Me (Remix).”

The young entertainer recently released a single titled Object Bingo, which many fans are claiming to be a dis track for Vybz Kartel. However, Alkaline has yet to admit to the claims.

The deejay seems prime to take his talents to an international superstar level and 2016 might be the year.


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