Reports from local media sites in Jamaica made a claim that popular Dancehall artist Alkaline had turned down the Isiah Laing offer to perform at “The Greatest One Night Reggae & Dancehall Show on Earth!” STING 2015.

Sources claim Alkaline turned down an $2.5 Million offer to perform for his fans but claim the money was too “Lilly”, in other words not up to scratch to his wages he normally gets to perform elsewhere.

Paparazzi Jamaica finds this information very saddening due to the fact Alkaline name was made here in Jamaica first before he got the international admiration and started touring.

It has been months to nearly a year since the entertainer performed on home soil for the majority of his fans so why would he decline such an offer ? Is Alkaline afraid of being confronted with a Clash ? or is he really “All About The Money” and doesn’t care about the fans?

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