A new viral photo has Dancehall fans saying Alkaline is disrespecting Popcaan’s mother.

On Thursday, a photograph surfaced with the Vendetta deejay sitting on a bucket with the writing “Rona” during his recent video shoot with Sean Paul in Toronto, Canada for“Gyalis Pro.”

Fans of Dancehall artist Popcaan quickly started blasting the “Badness It Name” deejay claiming he was deliberately disrespecting the Unruly Boss’s Mother, Miss Rhona.

“Blind boy think him slick, him betta mind him guh addi henging tree a come try diss miss Rhona,” One user wrote.

“Wait.. Isnt that the name of Popcaan’s mother? That n**ga needs to chill,” another user added.

“Yo a f**kery dat eno, man a try style the Unruly boss mada dawg.”

Earlier this year Alkaline used Miss Rhona’s voice for the intro of his diss track “Death To Microwave” during his feud with Popcaan.


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