Haven’t you notice how Alkaline and Mavado’s  songs are linked together. Well we have gotten some juicy information from one of our sources that the two are engaging in a friendly clash about who has the most money. Here are some evidence to prove this activity


On the wrangla riddim instrumental you could Alkaline asking artist to declare what they have and mavado some what answering his quetion by saying he’s up like seven and boasting his car.


On the new hit riddim release by good production “Liquor Riddim Instrumental”   you could now hear Alkaline starting off his song by saying “Right now me a lead and me don’t even reach twenty three”, and that he and his girlfriend is up. However Mavado’s single on the riddim is saying in the chorus  that ” Dem nuh in a my league  a hype bout likkle bit a money and weed nuh reach nuh weh and seh dem a lead.

Do think this clash is just to boost fun and good clean competition among the two or is this going to get out of control. leave your comment at News carryer.com check out their new singles that were written about in the article below.


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