Jamaican fast rising deejay Alkaline is now said to be dating Popcaan’s ex-girlfriend Cody-Ann, according to Dancehall rumor mill.

Cody-Ann Francis, more popularly known among her peers as ‘Browning’ as been with Popcaan way before he got his dancehall fame.

While working with ace dancehall producer Notnice Alka and Cody became good friends which eventually led to them become intimate.

Words in the streets is that Cody-Ann and Alkaline have been spending quality time together in the studio, while Alkaline puts in the work.

Dancehall fans on social media went into a frenzy Monday night when Vendetta deejay Alkaline released his new Popcaan diss track ‘Microwave.’

In the song Alka sings “Microwave yuh bait, man a mek yuh know straight, Yuh suck Cody pussy she har batty inna yuh face”


Since the release of the gritty Chimney Records-produced single a slew of memes have flocked online.

Alkaline has been involved in several dancehall beefs for this year including rivalries Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee Sparta and Gage. However, Popcaan has not been one of them.

The 1st diss track was done in late December 2015 Popcaan released a song dissing Alkaline titled “Homemade” produced by billboard producer Notnice who is responsible for putting Alka on the starting line up of dancehall. Notnice who and Alkaline had a musically relationship that went sour.

The very controversial Alkaline responded a month later with the 2nd single “City,” from his Billboard album. Alkaline took lyrical shots at Popcaan, making reference the bubbles and clips which often used to decorates Popcaan’s hair.


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