Dancehall artist Alkaline is shutting down the claims being made by social media personality Foota Hype that his US visa was revoked earlier this year.

According to the Vendetta deejay’s rep, Foota Hype is just looking hype online because Alkaline has no visa issue and will be performing live in Atlanta this weekend.

“Alkaline will be live in Atlanta this weekend don’t listen to all these bogus reports about visa revoked,” his rep said. “Some old waste man [Foota Hype] nuh have nothing better fi do wid dem life than sit down on social media every day and a talk about the boss [Alkaline]. That’s why them gal a give them bun because all them do a gossip.”

Foota Hype recently took to his Instagram live hinting that Alkaline wasn’t in New York last week after he failed to perform at the Ecips Music Festival.

“So Alkaline guh a big big New York, come affa plane, come outta airport, guh hotel, leave hotel, guh back a airport, inna New York and nobody nuh see him,” Foota Hype questioned.


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