Entertainer Alkaline has definitely made a name for himself, however controversial he had to be to make it. Alkaline is a name that when heard, controversy is the first this to come to mind. This is was the case for Vybz Kartel for years as he is still the most controversial artist, to date.

Persons have even went as far as to compare the two deejays, while others style Alkaline as a ‘tattoo eye copycat’ who is trying to steal the incarcerated dj’s ever roaring thunder. It is being said that with Kartel in prison and apart from his songs that are blasting on the airwaves, Alkaline is the next most listened to deejay.

‘Gaza’ fans have described Alkaline as being malicious in his musical endeavors as he is constantly trying to be Kartel. This a more literal case than others. Alkaline has replicated Kartel’s tattoos right down to their specific locations, locked his hair with hair extensions similar to those sported by Vybz Kartel, and even similar lyrics to his award winning “Mi nuh trust people” song.

One social media user went as far as saying that most of the Gaza fans have turned into Alkaline fans because of his incarceration. He also said that with Alkaline’s many attempts to be like Vybz Kartel, it would be interesting if the two were to be engaged in the famous Sting clash. But it’s fair to say that we already know who the winner would be.

Here is exactly what the facebook user had to say:

“Alkaline really win over nuff ah kartel fans dem… I just wanna know what a lot of you people that I’ll call “traitors” would do if kartel was to miraculously come out of jail ?? Would you stay ah alkaline fan or jump back pon di Gaza side ?? Im not a big kartel fan but I must admit that man got talent… As for the other guy Alkaline I can’t help but wonder if kartel was out and about would he have lasted this long ,considering the fact that he stole the mans whole image right down to his bleaching ways.. I would love to see ah kartel /Alkaline sting clash .. I’m imagining that it would’ve been as epic as the one with movado lol!! … Up till now people still ah claim seh vado was the winner and I’m just like ” 😴how?? dwl !! That negro forgot his own lyrics and I was like how embarrassing !!! My question is this..is alkaline the new kartel or does he just imitate the original ” Gaza don/addi/world boss/shorty husband very well ???..tweety”


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