Alkaline Throws Bottle At Crowd At While Performing

Alkaline has just added another mishap performance to his name. This time The Vendetta Boss’ embarrassing moment occurred while performing his hit freestyle single “Naah Nah Na” when a patron decided they had enough of him and launched a bottle missile at former tattooed eye artiste.

The perpetrator was in for quite a surprise as the DJ demanded that the guilty party be brought on-stage, some what similar to what international artiste Akon had done when a bottle was also thrown at him while performing on stage.

After a failed attempt to appeal to the crowd to give up the thrower, Alka decided to instead launch a bottle in the crowd towards the direction of the person who had violated him. An obvious sign of frustration given the fact that he was publicly disrespected while performing.

It is unclear if anyone was hit in Alka’s attempt at justice, but the artiste kept right on performing his monster hits for who cared to listen.


“oh god dem a throw bottle at mi man oh god dem cya gwan suh smh”

“Ah only 1 dem fling ,up dey a sing pure f#c.kery #move

“Wtf he got in his hair?? Is that braids lol”

Alkaline Throws Bottle At Crowd At While… by Avando_Graphix-King


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