Incarcerated Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel made good on his promise to defend his former protégé Popcaan in his current feud with Vendetta deejay Alkaline.

On Friday, Kartel raised some eyebrows on Instagram when he called out his former protege for not responding to Alkaline severely dissing him and everybody around him including his mother, his daughter and his sister. “Papi…mi soon stop chop off ppl head fi u… ya gwan like u fraid a some paper soldier,” the “fever” deejay wrote.

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The self-proclaimed ‘Worl Boss’ releases a new single aimed at the “Microwave” deejay titled “Closed Casket” just days after previewing the single on Instagram Friday night.

How ever many dancehall fans are very disappointed in the song, stating that is its lyrical but weak.

View online user comments below:

Sabrina Codling Oh please that song was so annoying I could not even listen it to the end lol still don’t bad like alkaline song lol they need to give vendetta his credit.

André Jäy Shám Smalling The song is nothing but garbage straight up fuckry…. it’s like from that little war with mavado it got to hym and anyone saying this song is hot!!! is nothing but dick riding

Calqlus Cal Kartel a boss, but don’t get it twisted, the youth Alka a step up to the thing, and I feel like too much ppl a hate pon youth true young and a do it, a next thing why kartel want battle Alka low that younger youth dem like Tommy Lee them masicka them them age range deh kartel need fi focus pon making some hit tune like him did in 2016 and relevance in the dancehall space! me no even a feel deh clash deh, what embarrassment if him make Alka drop some pon him like microwave like him do to popcaan,

Richard Miller Addi a general,, but that ediot song cant hurt the detta boss

Brawla Step Pan Dem Lolol I can’t understand one shit he say all I herd is close casket them ah run out of lyrics bunch ah fuck ry jail boss ah say

Marley Da Teacha A could nevr a Alka diss song this lol

Peart Boss Come on addi


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