Baltimore, MD- After ten years of study, researchers at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have concluded that consuming large amounts of semen ejaculate greatly reduces the risk of all cancers.

According to the researchers at the university, an enzyme called chrysotrophin is the main catalyst responsible for fighting off all carcinogens and other cancer causing agents.

Chrysotrophin is only found in human semen and must be ingested in large amounts, weekly, to have a true impact on reducing risk of cancer. Doctors suggest ingesting 5 mL weekly.

The average ejaculation volume is approximately 2.5 mL, so if a person is ingesting semen ejaculate 2-3 times weekly, this person is also comsuming the enzyme, protecting their self from cancers.

The latest discovery has brought researchers and scientist one step closer to finding a possible cure for cancer. “We are confident with our latest finding, we will have a cure in the next coming years” says Dr. Yonnick Vladimesky, Russian reasearcher from the University of Moscow.


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