A very distraught and angry sister of a student who was murdered in a taxi one weekday back in 2011, has taken her pleas for justice to Social Media hoping that someone will hear her cries for help. Khajeel Mais’ life was taken from him, his parents, family members and schoolmates that night by the angry driver of a black/blue BMW X5 whose sport utility vehicle (SUV) had been hit by a taxi in which the 17-year old was a passenger.

The shooting occurred about 7 p.m. along Fairfax Avenue in Havendale, St Andrew, a few meters from where the young man resided. The angry X5 driver, reportedly upset that his vehicle had been struck, retaliated by pulling up alongside the taxi and firing two shots inside it, one of which went through Mais’ head. The driver then sped off. Years later after Mais’ death, no one has been charged for his murder. Kimberly Mais wrote:


“While everyone is here worrying about Hurricane Matthew, I’m here in distress. Deep thoughts about you #KhajeelMais ….Anyone who knows me knows that my brothers are my world and my life, both of which I can’t do without. On July 2011 My Lil bro was killed by #PatrickPowell (Who is still walking around a FREE man) just because the taxi #Khajeel was traveling in (to a school Barbecue) hit his ‘Precious,expensive X6). Now the politicians and justice system are outraged by what is happening in Montego bay. Don’t be alarmed, you are the cause. You are currupt, taking money for lives, taking money for freedom. So why now not understand what the scammers are doing? They are doing what they see their leaders of their country doing. It’s been almost six (6) years, and still no #trial for my brother’s case. #StillNoJustice #StillNoClosure for the family. At first they gave Vybz Kartels case presidence saying limited court rooms available to try cases. Vybz Kartel has been convicted five (5) years now. They said the same thing last hearing, (Portia’s case where she did not document her and her team’s political spending), also took presidency over the limited court room. So I guess a life wrongfully taken does not matter to the Country. Why look at the scammers differently. I am glad they are showing you up (The “Bigger Heads”) because any sensible person knows the corruption starts from the top down, now it has reached the bottom, the top can no longer control it. We need #JusticeForKhajeelMais #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #WhenWillTrialStart? #StopCollectingMoneyForFreedom #MurderaBloodIsOnYourShoulder #MinisterOfJustice #WhereAreYou? @Delroychuckofficial #PrimeMinister @AndrewHolnessjm #WhereAreYou? @JulietHolness #WhereAreYou? Nothing will bring #MyBrotherBack #MyInnocent17YearOldBrother #AnUncleWhoMyDaughterVaguelyRemembers because his life was taken unjustly. Her time with him robbed. A mother and father who will never be the same as their Son”Washbelly” whom they financed through the #BestSchools #VazPrep #KingstonCollege, who they did their best at protecting was killed, their #LoveChild. Can we no longer feel safe chartering a taxi?”


Now this story gets even more interesting because Kimberly claimed that she was blocked from the Prime Minister’s IG account, in her attempt to get their attention of the case. There are a couple of posts detailing the dialogue she had with the leader and his wife (see photos). Kimberly states that she’s in the process of “putting pen to paper to try and get this out in the media”. She also shared with thereeltinachin that famous singjay Jahvinci also made mention of her brother’s death in a song entitled: Tyad fi scatter roses. This song she said was written in memory of her late brother Khajeel Mais.



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