This morning a voice note which is now making rounds on all popular social media website sent Jamaica into a frenzy.

The voicenote states that women which are kidnapped internal organs are removed and sold on the black market to the highest bidder.

The person in voice note gives some heart wrenching details of what is done to women when they are kidnappped.

Since the start of the year there has been a significant rise in hate crime against women and children, there has been over 200 persons reported missing.

A woman walking in the usually quiet community of Hughenden, St Andrew narrowly escaped being kidnapped this afternoon and was rescued by passers by.

The kidnapper who was said to be a Taxi Operator, allegedly attempted to drive away with a female. She jumped from the moving car he then chased her into someone’s yard, who alerted some neighbours. They came to her rescue, in return captured the would be kidnapper and was beaten by angry residents before he was rescued by police.

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