Well it’s just January 2nd . . . and we have the FIRST MAJOR BREAKUP of 2014 – it’s Ariana Grande and Big Sean. According to a TOP MTO snitch, Big Sean and his GF Ariana have SEPARATED.

A snitch tells MediaTakeOut.com that Big Sean was CHEATING on Ariana – having an ongoing SEXTING relationship with a popular instagra model. The tipster explains, “[Big Sean] never slept with her, but she was down – when he came to Miami next.”


Unfortunately for Big Sean, Ariana BROKE INTO HIS PHONE – and reportedly discovered Big Sean’s SHENANIGANS with the instagram THOT. Out tipster explains, “Ariana Grand got into his phone somehow, and saw all the messages.”

Our snitch, who is a FRIEND of the internet model that was sexting with Big Sean adds, “Ariana actually called and started talking sh*t. It was kind of funny to us.”

Not so funny to Big Sean . . . cause we’re told that Ariana has DUMPED HIM.



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