The Japanese duo were first called on stage during veteran artiste Major Mackerel’s set. They had patrons in a frenzy when they delivered singles such as Guh Thru and Jamaican Gal Pickney, which had the crowd screaming for more.

However, it was in the wee hours of the morning when Gully Bop took the stage that the frenzy reached fever pitch. His comments on the Japanese duo’s performance, alluding to Asian men having smaller packages than Jamaican men below the belt, triggered a big response.

Immediately following this remark, Ackee and Saltfish re-entered the stage to tremendous applause.

the stage was set for an unanticipated clash with a major upstage. The spirited exchange ended with Gully Bop’s surrendering, saying, “Dem Japanese boy yah just (lyrically) kick me”.

Gully Bop later returned to the stage to finish his set.

The event, last weekend, featured a number of other artistes including Macka Diamond, George Nooks, Wickerman, Kukadoo, and Major Mackerel, who ensured Unleaded patrons were fully satisfied.


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