Local authorities say indications are that fake rice cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Insiders at Government agencies investigating allegations that fake rice has made its way into the island say authorities are still not able to tell consumers what to look for when tying to detect the item.

What’s worse, “Based on what we have found about the product, it is not something a person can detect with the naked eye,” said one insider, who spoke with Loop News on condition of anonymity.

The source said the probe into the allegations is difficult without the actual product in hand.

“None of the products have still not been found in the island, without the item authorities have not been able to carry out lab test,” the insider said.

On Monday, officials from the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) announced a detention of rice imports at all ports across the island.

The clamp down on rice came after a video surfaced online purporting to show artificial rice on the local market.

Industry Minister announced on Tuesday that no evidence of plastic rice was found in samples tested by the Bureau of Standards of Jamaica.

However, local authorities told Loop News that, while they have not been able to find any samples of the rice as yet, they were not taking the reports lightly and have organized a series of searches.


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