Actor promises crazy sex games at erotic party

Popular actor and adult entertainment coordinator Garfield ‘Bad Boy Trevor’ Reid is inviting all ‘open-minded’ adults to join him on Monday at an event dubbed Adult Swim, the Ultimate Erotic Party.

“We do crazy sex games where couples can get involved, as well as erotic games that people find really entertaining and funny. Even if you’re not taking part, you’ll find it really fun just watching,” he said.

“People used to go to Hedonism, but some people can’t afford to go there, so what we want to do is bring Hedonism to the people,” Reid added.

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The event will see its second staging take place on Monday, but it is the first time that Reid will be hosting. He said his years of experience in the adult entertainment business is what will set this particular event apart from the rest.

“Being that I keep Gal Farm Sundays, and I host Lucky 38, and I do Hedonism Thursdays, I have some knowledge of what audiences really want without the barefaced thing. So, I’m trying to make this one more for the audience, than trying to put on a show for the audience,” he explained.

The lingerie and poolside-themed event is slated to be held at House of Angels, at 2B Downer Avenue, New Kingston. It will feature Bad Boys Entertainment’s male strippers, female strippers, topless models, Hype Honeys – who will facilitate body bars, as well as exotic entertainers Lady Icebox, and Nadia. Free masks will also be distributed.


The event’s poster boasts of a live orgy, and according to Reid, anything can happen when the event kicks off.

“If you know me well, you know that I don’t plan these stuff. I work off the vibes of the audience,” he said.

“They call me Mr Unleash because a me say unleash yourself. It’s for you to just let go and catch a vibes. It’s not only about the dancers. We put women on stage to dance with their boyfriends and give them lap dance, and women buy lap dance fi each other,” he added.

The rules of the event are simple. According to Reid, “You can’t use your phone there. What happens at the party, stays there.”

He also warned that ‘male on male’ sexual acts will not be condoned.

Those wishing to indulge in the freaky party will have to fork up $1,000 presold for females, $1,200 males, or $1,500 at the gate.


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