Now that he’s out of the White House and doesn’t have to keep up the sham image of a loving hubby, former President Barack Obama has kicked wife Michelle to the curb and has yanked off his wedding ring, a source claims.

“Everyone knew there have been tensions with Michelle for years, but he’s had to stay with her for the sake of the presidency and their daughters, Sasha and Malia,” says a source. “But the girls are grown, so there’s no reason for him to continue the charade.”

After partying up a storm with Virgin airline mogul Richard Branson at his swanky Necker Island paradise, a source claims that Barack was gushing, “This is the life for me!”Image result for barack and michelle fight

Now, the former Commander-in-Chief wants to “cut loose and party with billionaires like Branson — and enjoy all the lovely young women they surround themselves with,” snitches a source.

As previously reported, Barack’s 24-year marriage to Michelle, 53, has been stormy for years as he openly flirted with high-powered female politicians and leaders.
Just before he left office in January, the couple blew up in a savage scream-fest overheard by shocked White House employees.

“Barack ripped off his wedding ring and stormed out,” blabs the source. “He was shouting, ‘It’s over!’ so loudly that even the cleaning personnel heard it.” Now, an insider says Michelle has secretly agreed to a $25 million divorce deal shortly.


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