The self proclaimed ‘King of the Dancehall’ Beenie Man, who is fresh off the heels of a recent controversy with Alkaline – is once again trending after he wore what closely resembles a skirt at his recent performance at Magnum Live.

A very comfortable Beenie decided to ask the crowd at the Magnum Live concert if the liked his outfit, was met with a unanimous ‘noooo’ from the patrons.

Unbothered by the criticism, ‘The Girls Dem Sugar’ artiste went on to remove the layers of his outfit, which included a wrap closely resembling a female’s skirt.

“This is how they use to make the trench coats back in Africa” explained Beenie, who went on to state that this is what “shows that you are a man”.

But some of his fans did not share the same philosophy – and decided to go on his Instagram page to express their thoughts on a photo the artiste uploaded wearing his outfit. “Noooo boss a wah kinda dressing dat burn up up up” one user explained, while another stated that “Ol on deh, is dat a skirt the man a wear?….no sah…watch d trend u following beanie or the one you set fo the yutes to emulate”.