Cardi B recently performed at Jay Z and Beyonce’s MADE IN AMERICA concert – and Nicki Minaj went ballistic.

Word is that Beyonce took a liking to Cadri’s flow and named her ‘new queen of rap’. Nicki didn’t take it very well and turned to instagram firing shots at Cardi B.

Fans dont disagree either, stating that “Finally a decent female rapper other than Nicki emerges and she can’t stand competition”

In spite of Cardi B‘s overwhelming success, the naysayers and others alike are eager to see the rising artist feud with Nicki Minaj. But Cardi is here to clarify exactly where she stands with the Head Barb. “I just want to make music and make money. I don’t really have time to look at other women and what they’re doing. I’m myself.”

Watch Nicki’s video below:

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