Beyonce’s twins haven’t arrived yet, but already she’s demanding the best for them AND for herself during their birth. A new report even claims the star is requesting a lavish delivery suite with MAJOR perks — including blackout shades & special foods.

“Beyonce had a lot of fear about this pregnancy because it’s high risk, and she wants control over everything around her,” an insider reportedly told the publication. And that means the singer is making certain requests that even the hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which is known for hosting celeb patients, isn’t use to dealing with. And while when Bey gave birth to Blue Ivy, 5, at NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital, she was “a nightmare,” the mag’s insider claims the twins’ birth will be “much worse.”

One of her and Jay’s main concerns? Privacy. “They scheduled the C-section and prepared an A and a B team as decoys to confuse photographers and fans, and everyone signed confidentiality agreements,” the source explained. “Jay and Beyonce have also been arguing with the hospital about the use of security cameras. Jay doesn’t want cameras in the room, hallways, or elevators, which is an impossible request.”

But aside from that, Beyonce also wants her hospital suite decked out with the latest and greatest! “They had everything in the hospital room upgraded,” the insider said. And that apparently includes replacing the bed with a more comfortable one while at the same time adding guest seating. She’s also demanded that blackout drapes be installed and had a special play area for Blue created.

“They also made a plan to have everything fully catered so they don’t have socialize in the hospital,” the source added. Bey’s mom Tina Knowles, 63, reportedly even put together a menu for the hospital that includes comfort foods for her daughter to enjoy. “[Tina] isn’t easy to get along with,” the source said. “She will be even more demanding than Beyonce. Jay knows to let her take over and stay out of her way.”


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