Tyga and Blac Chyna have a very particular custody order for their 3-year old son, King. Neither of them is allowed to smoke anywhere near King or they may find themselves in front of the family law Judge.

In the couple’s custody order, the judge made it clear to not smoke around their young son, but the docs refer to second hand “cigarette smoke,” what about marijuana?


It’s unclear what would happen if either of them smoked marijuana around their son. It’s interesting because we don’t really see pictures of Tyga or Blac Chyna smoking cigarettes, but we have seen a couple puffs of marijuana.

Some other interesting things in their custody agreement are that Tyga has to pay Blac Chyna’s rent, car payments and nanny expenses; she is definitely living that good life. The two also have to play nice and not bash one another on social media and around King.


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