Blac Chyna, 26, doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Kylie Jenner, 17, might want to buy her rival a dictionary, because Chyna refuses to give up on their feud. In fact, Chyna thinks it’s only a matter of time before she and Tyga, 25, are back together!

“Blac isn’t the type of woman that would ever admit defeat. She loves her some Tyga — that’s a fact,” the source said.

We have to hand it to Chyna. She did score a major victory when she broke Tyga and Kylie up by sharing the flirty texts Tyga sent her. Unfortunately for Blac, the break-up didn’t stick. Most people would give up after that, but Chyna isn’t letting go of Tyga just yet.

“Her gut tells her that once Tyga’s done playing with this little girl, he’ll realize how stupid he was and come crawling back,” the insider said. While Chyna appears to be done with her ex, the source claims she really wants Tyga and her to reunite to be a family again with their son, King Cairo.

“She believed Tyga with his text telling her he wanted to be a family,” the source said said, adding, “She thought he really meant that and still does.”

Well, attacking Kylie and Tyga on social media at every turn won’t likely earn her any favors. It’ll just makes her look mean! Surprisingly, Chyna actually blames her vicious twitter and instagram behavior on Tyga!

“She lashes out at [Tyga] and his stupid girlfriend because he’s emotionally pimping her. Blac’s all over the place emotionally and she blames that on Tyga and his mind games,” the insider told.

Maybe it’s a good thing that Tyga’s never going to text Blac Chyna again, then. Hopefully, it’ll the the first step that finally puts this feud to rest.

We won’t hold our breath, though.


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