Last week the wife of Dancehall artist Blak Ryno, Recording artist/actress Sewell called out Social Media Personality DyDy.

It all started when DyDy uploaded a video addressing Pamputtae’s viral Interview where the “Sticky Wine” singer took jabs at Dancehall artist Shenseea.

However Swell who also goes by the name Mel, then hit back saying DyDy is basically a hypocrite as she’s calling out someone for the same things she has done in the past.

“Stop calling people a hater when you’re the biggest hater of them all,” she said in a video.

The former Trabass TV star also claims DyDy is lying about her sexuality and she knows for a fact.

“Stop telling people you’re not Gay,” she said.

“We all know that you love girls and i know for a fact.”

Well it now seems Mel got a link from DyDy or perhaps some advice from her husband as she’s now changing her words.

After requesting blogs to delete her first video she uploaded online, Mel posted a fresh one apologizing to the “Fi Di Pum Pum” creator.

According to her it was all a misunderstanding.

“That was he say, she say stuff, my apologies,” she said.

#BlakRyno's wife #Sewell apologizes to #DyDy

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