Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly suffering from organ failure and appears unlikely to recover, tragically, from the near-drowning that left her in a coma.

Despite her father, Bobby Brown, steadfastly holding out hope for a miracle and refusing to take the 21-year-old off life support, it may soon be a moot point.

It was two weeks ago now that Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized after being found face down in the bathtub by estranged partner Nick Gordon and Max Lomas.


Her brain activity was minimal then, and she has been in a medically induced coma ever since. If anything, sources say Brown’s condition has deteriorated.

Brief glimmers of hope, such as Bobbi Kristina opening her eyes at one point, failed to lead to any significant recovery in brain function. And it gets worse.

Several of her organs are already starting to shut down, and the family is coming to grips with the fact that holding out for a miracle could be fruitless.

Bobby Brown is adamant in his religious and spiritual views on the matter, and is telling relatives he will do what it takes to keep his daughter alive.

Even if that means she stays on life support with no progress, Bobby feels she may recover someday. That decision, controversial as it may be, is his to make.

Some members of Bobby’s family disagree, according to inside sources, but respect him just the same. Of course, it sadly may not matter soon enough.


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