Bobby Brown is suing to stop TV One for broadcasting an authorized movie about his late daughter Bobbi Kristina. The biopic is currently slated to premiere on October 8, but Brown is hoping his lawsuit will stop it from seeing the light of day.

The upcoming TV film, called Bobbi Kristina, stars Joy Rovaris as Bobbi Kristina. The most high-profile cast member is arguably Vivica Fox, who plays Pat HoustonWhitney’s sister-in-law, with the late singer herself portrayed by Demetria McKinney. In a 60-second trailer released last week, scenes showed Bobbi Kristina’s romance with Nick Gordon and a clash with her mom. The actress as Bobbi Kristina cried, “Everything is always about Whitney. I can never sing as well as you. I can never be the superstar that you are.” The on-screen tag line read, “You Heard The News. You Never Heard Her Story. Until Now.”


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