“I was sitting in my apartment watching t.v when all those cops kicked the door down .I was confused until I seen Bobby beside a cop with a list pointing me out.” Said one of Shmurda’s friends.

Bobby Shmurda was hit with several serious charges in December after being under investigation for months. So the news hit hard that Bobby Shmurda charges were dropped after handing over thirty five names to the NYPD.

Tuesday afternoon the NYPD conducted a large raid on the 35 people Bobby Shmurda named. It was a success for the NYPD, but now the challenge is finding a place for the young rapper to live without someone attacking him, killing him or seeing that silly dance.

People got the wrong idea about my situation. I would never cooperate with cops. I just think the NYPD are some pretty nice guys, so I’ve been riding around in their front seat for a few days.” Says Shmurder, from a police car.

“Bobby has been acting out of character these past few days. Every time I call his phone, he doesn’t answer . Or some deep voice guy named Detective Martin answers and tells me bobby is busy working.” said Bobby’s mom.

This news of Mr. Shmurder cooperating with police could have a negative affect on a hardcore rap artist. Rappers and police cooperation just doesn’t mix in hip-hop. Many of Shmurders former friends are looking all over for him since he’s been released from jail, but I doubt if it’s to throw him a “coming home” party.


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