Bounty Killer sent threats to a fan who suggested that he was freaky with his ex-girlfriend D’Angel.

Tensions are running high in the Dancehall industry following the release of Ishawna’s new raunchy single ‘Equal Rights’ which glorifies males performing oral sex last week.

On Sunday the ‘War Lord’ got ‘Cross, Angery & Miserable’ when a fan suggested that he is a supporter of the song as he believed in ‘Equal Rights’ when he was with Dancehall artist D’Angel.

“Bounty can’t talk because D’Angel buss him secret long time tungzilla Kill, the user wrote.

However Killer wasn’t having it, “Dutty stinking freak dike batty bow car boy Angel or any other gal can call my name,” he quickly responded.

“Or u is and yu batty pussy cocky mouth friend dem a try style man inna unu nasty life style.”

“Go chuck inna yuh mumma and member that i saw ur pics clearly so we will be seeing each a road bumbo ole think u can come style man and its all good ok!,” he added.

Bounty Killer and D’Angel dated for a few years before she got married to his longtime rival Beenie Man back in 2006.


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